Our Services

Email Design & Build

From one-off email campaigns to template design and full campaign builds we'll build your content to your specifications.

Data Analysis

If you need help with data Neon Otter's here to find insights, enter data and analyse files on your behalf all in line with Data Protection legislation.

Website Design

From Wordpress & new site builds from scratch to managing your existing online presence, marketing your business online has never been easier.

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From welcome and nurture campaigns through to abandoned baskets, birthday celebrations and post-experience surveys, we'll help you automate the campaigns that bring results. 

Strategy & Direction

Sometimes it can be hard to take a step back and review, campaigns are often built-in isolation and without a general strategy, we'll help you see the bigger picture and move your strategy forward.


Email marketing is all about engagement, finding the right message for the right people at the right time. We'll help you create the right emails to really add value to your campaigns.

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Data Collection

Data is one of the most valuable things you can hold, but collecting it is often a challenge, we'll help you get your data collection processes right from the start, collecting valuable data the right way.


Marketers are busy people, rarely having the time, nor the desire to fully understand data protection legislation whilst legal teams don’t understand the unique challenges faced by marketers – this is where we come in

Data Analysis & Input

Working with large data sets takes a certain type of people with the right mindset and fortunately, that's exactly who we are. We're here to be the extra pair of hands your analyst team needs. 

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Data & Compliance

Together we'll make compliance pay.

Our background in CRM plus an extensive understanding of GDPR and data compliance allows us to see the bigger picture, turning compliance into opportunity and delivering results that drive revenue.

Marketing Automation

From welcome campaigns to post activity reminders, automated marketing pays for itself.

What's better than marketing that returns results? Marketing that does so on its own. We'll help you make the first steps into automation and hold your hand along the way.

Lets go Freelance

Looking for an extra pair of hands? we're here to help

If you're in need of an extra pair of hands but don't have the budget to hire new staff why not outsource your projects to us, we'll take your specifications and work with you to deliver your projects in time and to budget.