Lets Make Compliance Pay

Here at Neon Otter we're on a mission to help Marketers break free of the fear of data compliance; helping them turn the risk of a breach and fine into the opportunity of increased engagement and increased revenue.

We know that marketers are busy people, rarely having the time, nor the desire to fully understand data protection legislation whilst your legal teams are unlikely to understand the unique challenges faced by marketers – this is where we come in. Our background in CRM plus an extensive understanding of GDPR and data compliance allows us to see the bigger picture, turning compliance into opportunity and delivering results that drive revenue.

But how do we do it?

It's certainly not an easy journey, there is no magic bullet, but if you fully embrace the spirit of new data collection principles and understand why they have come about you're on the right track. At Neon Otter we know how to take you and your data subjects along that very journey, we start with a simple audit, it's completely free and looks at your site and your data collection processes to spot gaps and work out where it's best to focus our efforts.

Turning insight into action

Next we work out the key improvements we feel you'll benefit from and suggest ways in which we can help you on that path. From improved consent statements, to onboarding and engagement, we'll look at the key locations in the customer journey that really add value and help you implement those changes.

So what are you waiting for? Start your compliance journey today with a free compliance audit on us! 

We promise you wont regret it!