How freelance and consultants can help take the load during the Corona Virus outbreak.

Across the world right now we are experiencing something that we have never seen within our lifetimes, a global pandemic that will ask questions of our way of life and present challenges to individuals and businesses alike.

Over the next few weeks, it will become clearer how this outbreak will affect us and the unique challenges it will bring. Businesses will be particularly hard hit as mass events and gatherings are cancelled and staff are forced to take time off work.

But how can companies cope with these extra challenges when budgets are already stretched and staffing is tight?

Freelancers and Consultants might be an answer.

Someone asked me recently if I was worried about my business in these challenging times, how would our agency cope if our clients started having to shut down or cease operations whilst their staff are forced to take sick leave? Well, our approach is to say as we always do, we're here to help! 

One of the advantages of freelance and consultancy work is we, like many companies similar to us, are already set up for remote working and what's more we have the capacity to take up some of your slack whilst your staff are off work.

Need help urgently? Let's Talk!

Need an email sending or a campaign building urgently? No problem, Have a piece of analysis or a report you need writing whilst your analyst is in self-isolation? We have the capacity and skills to backfill your staffing shortages.  We believe that just because your staff can't come into work doesn't mean you have to shut down.

So whatever your current needs, Neon Otter are here to help out today, just use our contact form to get in contact and let us lighten your load!