Coronavirus - What's your exit strategy?

No this isn't a direct question for Boris, but for businesses everywhere.

This is sure to be one of the most challenging periods in any businesses history, with lockdowns and staff sickness many companies have taken the descision to effectivey hibernate, shutting down core functions and placing staff on furlough until business picks up again. Hibernation doesn't work for everyone but if its the only way for your business to survive then getting it right has never been more important.

So when the time comes, how will you come out of Hibernation?

This is the question every business should be asking itself right now, because the answer has the ability to make or break your company. Get it right and you'll have a head start on your competition, get it wrong and they'll leave you in the dust.

The most important thing here is to be planning in as much detail as you can, get everything ready so that when you know the time is right your're ready to push the button on your exit strategy. So what questions do you need to ask yourself? what do you need to plan? read on for our top tips for planning your Coronavirus Exit Strategy.

It's all about timing.

Timing is everything here, go to early and you'll have no customers to sell to, take too long and you'll be playing catchup. This week the government announced it's (rather unclear) plan for getting the country back out to work, with businesses expected to open up again over the next 6 weeks - so now is the time to be starting to plan out and even start implementing that plan when you can.

This period of planning reminds me of one of my favourite movie scenes from Apollo 13, whilst the crew try to make it back to earth, the testers on the ground have to work out the exact sequence to switch on the computers aboard the space ship without going over 4 amps, all whilst the crew are freezing and running out of oxygen - Nothing like an emergency to focus the mind!. 

Think about each of the areas of your business you've shut down, how long will they take to ramp back up again? What order will you switch things back on, how will you do this safely and how will you communicate this with your customers?

Leverage your existing customers

Let's talk CRM, in times like these spending money on anything else is not just a waste, it's a big risk too. Start with your existing customers, tell them you're back and why they should spend money with you rather than your competition. It's marketing back at its most base form, but it works and if you get it right you'll have the resources to go out and acquire new customers again in no time. Make sure you focus on safety and conveniece, at times like these we like to know the companies we trust are thinking about the important things so let them know how you're able to ease their worries.

Think about how you leverage your existing databases, how will you comunicate that you're open again and how will you persuade your customers to come back? 

Use this time to build or improve automation campaigns

Right now is a great time to start looking at automated campaigns that you can build up ready to switch on when you're ready to re-open for business. Think about your welcome / onboarding journey - can it be improved? How should it be adapted for these very different times? Map out all of the key areas of your customer journey and think about how they can be automated.

Find an agency to support you - we're here to help!

Right now sourcing a marketing agency to help you is probably right at the bottom of your list of priorities, however now is a great time to spend finding the right one for you, we're happy to talk through your objectives and challenges and take you through how we feel we can help as part of our Free Emarketing and Compliance Audit. Once we've presented back our findings it's up to you whether you want to engage with us further -

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