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Understanding the lawful bases for data processing

One of the greatest myths that surround GDPR is that without consent your hands are tied and you can't process customers data, that's a huge mistake as Consent is only one of the 6 possible Lawful Bases that you can apply, today we'll take a look at each one to understand how you might b... Read more

How freelance and consultants can help take the load during the Corona Virus outbreak.

Across the world right now we are experiencing something that we have never seen within our lifetimes, a global pandemic that will ask questions of our way of life and present challenges to individuals and businesses alike. Over the next few weeks, it will become clearer how this outbreak will af... Read more

Let's make compliance pay

Here at Neon Otter, we're on a mission to help Marketers break free of the fear of data compliance; helping them turn the risk of a breach and fine into the opportunity of increased engagement and increased revenue. We know that marketers are busy people, rarely having the time, nor the desir... Read more

Neon Otter launches new site for Stole My Heart

Stole My Heart by Elaine Bradshaw is an embroidery company producing bespoke hand embroidered stoles and chasuables as well as Altar Falls, Lecturn Falls for members of the Clergy.

Based in Hoylake on the Wirral, Stole-My-Heart by Elaine i...
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